Microbiological Research & Testing Laboratory

We offer full microbiological testing and analysis on products from a wide variety of industries. The Accugen team understands the challenges presented by a changing marketplace, and our goal is to remain cost-effective while providing the highest-quality microbiological research and testing possible.

FDA Registered, ISO 17025 Accredited, Global Provider of Microbiology Services

Microbiological R&D, Quality Control Testing, Expert Consulting

GLP & cGMP-compliant evaluations performed by qualified and experienced professionals.

Standardized Testing Services: ASTM, AOAC, AATCC, FDA, EPA, USDA, USP, CTFA, JIS, ISO

Plan and develop custom testing protocols to meet your specific needs

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Service Capabilities


Does your product batch have any microbes present? We screen your product for microorganisms that may affect overall performance and safety.


Is your product as effective as your marketing claims? Accugen can help verify your product’s efficacy in eliminating, managing, or promoting microbial growth.


What we know about microbiology and the environment is rapidly expanding every day. Understand, manipulate, interact, and manage the microbes living in the world around us.


Microbes are everywhere. Accugen uses a variety of methods to help you identify and quantify them when they are found.

Industries We Serve

Cosmetics & Personal Care | Pharmaceutical | Food & Beverage | Chemicals   Healthcare | Dental | Medical Device | Consumer & Household Products | Antimicrobials Sanitizers & Disinfectants | Materials | Textiles & Fabrics | Veterinary | Commercial Laundries | Industrial | Environmental | Facilities | Paints, Papers, & Plastics

Why Work with Accugen

Our commitment to our customers is to ensure that all our services reflect our dedication to safe and successful products. We are determined to produce accurate results in the quickest turnaround time. We strive to establish our long-term business relationships by providing you with cost-effective services of outstanding quality, and we seek to maintain our reputation for professionalism. We are recognized as the industry leader in the market we serve.

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