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Microbiological Testing of Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

Contamination is on the rise in water-based products!
Safety and quality go hand in hand. Ensure your products are safe and effective with USP 51, USP 60, USP 61, and USP 62 Testing. Our comprehensive testing services extend beyond these standards.

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Personal Care Tests

  • USP 51 is a preservative efficacy test (PET)  that challenges the product with a panel of microorganisms to verify their ability to withstand contamination. 
  • USP 60 will test for the presence of the Burkholderia complex (BCC) which is recommended by the FDA for non-sterile, water-based products as there is a rise in the risk of contamination.
  • USP 62 will test whether specific organisms are present in your product. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products will typically be tested against a panel of 7 standard organisms (BTGN, 
  • USP 61 is a microbial enumeration test resulting in a plate count of total aerobic bacteria and total yeast/mold.
    -- The most common and standard testing of cosmetics and personal care. It provides a quick (5-7 business days) understanding of the safety and cleanliness of your product and its manufacturing process. 
  • Need additional testing methods? Reach out to an Accugen team member to discuss your testing needs today. 

Suitability Testing for Personal Care

We strongly recommend including suitability tests for each of these assays to validate your reports according to the FDA. The suitability test is a one-time test that will verify that the testing method complies with your product and that no ingredient in your product is interfering. We also can test your raw materials, the water you use for manufacturing, and the cleanliness of your manufacturing environment. 

Standard Microbial Tests Per Regulatory Guidelines

Personal Care Product Testing Methods: USP, ISO, EP, ASTM, EN, FDA, and more.

Customized Research & Testing

Plan and develop customized research and testing protocols to meet your specific needs.



Accugen Laboratories is an FDA registered, GLP and cGMP-compliant, and ISO 17025 Accredited testing facility.

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Our goal is to remain cost-effective while providing the highest-quality microbiological research and testing possible.

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